Suggestion - Order Alerts

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Suggestion - Order Alerts

Postby ninjonxb » Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:27 pm

One problem I have is overlapping alerts when they are for the same event (alert sound, reading aloud, and growl). So I am suggesting a way to order how these events happen. The best interface that is out there that I can think of for accomplishing this would be something like what Alice (the super basic "programming" app). Cause if I had those 3 alerts up there I would want to have growl and alert happen at the same time, and than after the alert sound read aloud. And alice has a pretty simple drag and drop solution. I am not sure how this could be integrated with the current interface without looking thrown together. I know there are definitely other things that should be implemented before this but just wanted to throw this out there.

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