Perian 1.1.4 + Front Row + Snow Leopard

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Perian 1.1.4 + Front Row + Snow Leopard

Postby Bekar » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:59 am

I updated my Mac Mini from Leopard to Snow Leopard on Friday night, and now I'm getting some odd behavior with some of my MKV's.

Some play fine, and others don't show the video where they did before the Snow Leopard update. I tried the little patch application in the other thread, but that didn't fix the issue.

Some observations:

* Working MKV's have only two tracks, an audio and a video (A_AAC / V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC according to 'mkvmerge -i''. Extracting the video stream shows a 'JVT NAL sequence, H.264 video @ L 51' video and 'MPEG ADTS, AAC, v4 LC, 48 kHz, stereo' audio in both).
* The non-working MKV's have S_TEXT/ASS Subtitle tracks (although one non-working one also has an S_TEXT/UTF8).
* Non working MKV's have flashes of a second or two of video at random intervals, with seemingly no pattern.
* Ticking / Unticking "Load external Subtitles" makes no difference
* The Non working MKV's play fine in Quicktime Player (10.0 (51)).

Any ideas, or more detail needed?

PS. Yay for Snow Leopard! That update fixed some of the full-screen scaling issues I experienced under Leopard.

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