Connecting unslung NSLU2

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Connecting unslung NSLU2

Postby Showa » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:17 pm

I'm trying to reach my unslung NSLU2 which is using Openssh.

I'm using the sftp root@<ip-adress NSLU2>:22 but the connection failed. I'm able to reach the NSLU2 using Terminal and the command root@<ip-adress NSLU2> and typing the password.
Has this something to do with Openssh using Crypt(3) I don't see this in the SSH information on the Cyberduck page. When trying to connect without using the password, the connection is open. After typing the password I've got the message: I/O Fout: The subsystem request failed.

Using Winscp on a Windows computer it's no problem to connect, but I would like to use my Mac to transfer files in an easy way. Does anybody has an answer to this problem.


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