Recent Fire convert misses two features

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Recent Fire convert misses two features

Post by alfred »

I just switched from Fire to Adium, and there are two features from Fire that I miss. Maybe Adium has them but I have not been able to find them. They are:

1. I really liked Fire's ability to show the available number of online users in the Dock icon

2. I often used the Fire Console window to see a history of when users logged on and off

Are these two features available in Adium? Also, is there a way to display a Growl notification when a user goes offline?

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Post by FredAkbar »

Dunno about the contact count in Dock icon, but as for the Growl alert, in the prefs, click on the Events pane, highlight the item in the list called "Contact goes offline" or similar, click the plus at the bottom, and there'll be a list of actions, including showing a Growl alert.
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