Korean Localisation...?

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Korean Localisation...?

Post by bborigun »

Hi all,
I'm wondering if there are any Korean localisation in process, and whether I'll be able to contribute.
I can't possibly get my hands on it right now (GCSEs coming up - yay?), but I post this in advance in case I need to prepare anything.

I gather from my past attempts that localisation is basically modifying a nib file... or is it a bit old now?

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Post by Crypt »

Currently there is no Korean translation, but if you would like to go for it or need any help in terms of interface NIBs, keep us posted in this thread.

If you want, check out the Adium localization page here
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Post by Lyg »

I couldn't help but would love to see this included to show off Adium to Korean friends!
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