NateOn support?

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NateOn support?

Post by Lyg »

NateOn is a popular IM service in South Korea with over twenty million users. What is the likelihood that support for NateOn could be added to future versions of the lovely Adium? And on that note, has anyone taken up Korean localization? Thanks!
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Post by Catfish_Man »

Is there any protocol documentation?
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Post by Crypt »

There is a ticket for this and there is a protocol documentation but it's in korean and when viewed as html then coverted to english it doesn't come out too well . There is also a plugin for Pidgin being worked on here
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Re: NateOn support?

Post by synaptein »

I am replying to this thread to bump it back up.

It would be great to get native support for this chat client since there is such a large population of people using it (~20 million in 2007 in South Korea and likely much higher now). The third-party plugin seems to break when Adium is updated (and currently doesn't work).

The links provided by the previous poster still work. I will also look for more (english) documentation of the client protocol and post here if I find anything.
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Re: NateOn support?

Post by David Munch »

I wouldn't count on it getting in anytime soon, since it is only a pidgin plugin, and not part og pidgin it self.

But maybe this bumb, can result in the ticket actually getting into a milestone, so that people may actually see it on the trac.
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