Adium is moving on its own..

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Adium is moving on its own..

Post by zzzchuanzzz »

Hi. My Adium never sticks to on place.
Whenever I quit Adium and starts it again, the contact list will be 2 cm lower than the place before quitting.
It happens when i click  w too. After  w and open it up again, it will be 2cm lower.

What is wrong with it? How to I make the contact list stick to one place?
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Re: Adium is moving on its own..

Post by Vlcice »

I've been getting that too. It really puzzles me.

Is there a bug filed for this? I was checking Trac, but the search engine brings up a lot of unrelated things and I can't be entirely sure that I haven't missed an instance of the bug that's been filed.

This has started for me only since upgrading to 1.2.5, and I'm using Tiger 10.4.11.
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Re: Adium is moving on its own..

Post by David Munch »

Im pretty sure I've seen this, just by having Adium running in the background. I even opened a thread on it, but noone seemed to answer it.. :(

It could be related to either logging onto an account, or having users logging on..
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Re: Adium is moving on its own..

Post by evands »

Please narrow down a reproduction (what settings are enabled related to the contact list? How does changing them change the behavior?) and file a bug in Trac :)
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