★ How to submit problem reports / help with localisation ★

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★ How to submit problem reports / help with localisation ★

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If you're seeing localization problems in your language version of Adium, please first check the Localizers list to see if anyone is actively working on your locale. If not, and you would like to do so yourself, report in at the Google Group for more information or take a look at the localization page in Adium's support wiki.
Please search the Trac before posting. #adium on irc.freenode.net is also a good source for information.
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Re: How to submit problem reports / help with localization

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If there are active maintainers of your language version and you've found an error or a mistake, please post a ticket in Trac if possible. Not all localizers are actively tracking this forum and the ticket system makes it harder for errors to slip through. Be sure to set Component to Localization in your ticket.

Thank you!