Problem with name feature

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Problem with name feature

Post by EPGScott »

I am brand new to Adium today and ran into a problem.
When I created the account I used two names, one which is my real name Scott and an alias I use for work which is Rick.
Problem is for some reason everyone sees the name Rick which leads a lot of my friends to wonder why I have that screen name, lol
I guess my question is how do I change my name?
I went to preferences and changed it to "That Guy" so it would work with both names, but when people look at me in their msn, aol, etc... it says Rick.
In the chat window it says that guy but it still appears as Rick everywhere else.
How do I go about changing this?

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Re: Problem with name feature

Post by Dimmuxx »

This is fixed in 1.4 and the workaround for 1.3.3 is to remove the name in the msn account settings and just use the global name setting.
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