Some javascript questions for message styles.

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Some javascript questions for message styles.

Postby » Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:02 pm

I'm using adium for a while. It's great, but now when i would like to make some changes to display messages.
The reason is we have in poland social service called blip. This service is very similar to twitter, it has character limit (160 not 140 like in twitter). Blip has pretty good integration with jabber, and our Polish IM called gadu-gadu. Clean message style can do a lot with it (nicknames, tags, and some more are not links, and i need to copy them) so i thought maybe write some javascript to ease some things. So my questions about javascript integration are:

1. Can i make somehow put text after clicking in nick (i would like to put >nick in below data entry field). I know that twitter plugin is using links like "twitterreply://" which are kind of text input. Is there any "trick" to do that in normal chat window ? (I know that xmpp:// is binded to use chat window for jabber, but i haven't seen nothing to put text to chat window after contact address).
2. Is there any variable in javascript that is pointing to contact name/address/number or something like this ?
3. Is there any "predefined" function runed after sending/receiving message but passing separately template and message (easier to use with regexp)
4. Is there any easy way to change entities to utf characters, or do i have to regexp them and do some tricks ?

For explanation i have to write, that i am webdeveloper, and i don't have time to learn objC to write a proper plugin for adium.

Thanks for any answers.


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Re: Some javascript questions for message styles.

Postby Catfish_Man » Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:34 pm

For 2 you can use the replacement keywords to get the value into your html, then pull it out using js. Other than that the answer is no to all of them, sorry.

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