Unrecognized tweets

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Unrecognized tweets

Postby lawrencehare » Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:48 pm

This is probably simply my ignorance but I just updated Adium to 1.4 and added a Tweet account. I have used Adium for many years, I created a Twitter account a year or so ago and I have never used it. So I get it all going, I have four followers and I am following four - Mr. Popularity - that's me. And I get this extraordinary tweet from someone named iysagavarinj who is in neither of my lists. His communication is total jibberish to me!

@lawrencehare Lol RT santi_zul: Nov .. Gue sukses masuk angin dr loewy pulang jekpot2 RT noveeBEE: Enjoy the ... http://btly.k.vu/nmuZ8 (RT, ¶, @, ☆, #)

I know that my kids and many family members all use Twitter, and I know there is a language peculiar to the system, but this takes the cake!

So can anyone tell me where this person comes from? They are in none of my lists! How do I block them? Are invisible people following what I write? How can I locate and get rid of them?

And what on earth does it mean?

Cheers - Lawrence

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Re: Unrecognized tweets

Postby zac » Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:57 am

This is common Twitter spam. They monitor all messages, and @reply random people. It's probably not even worth your time to try and block them, they are likely already banned and would not message again.

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