minor bug in minimal mod

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minor bug in minimal mod

Post by rubah »

I know we had a nice dialogue going when 1.4 was in beta, but I've recently noticed an odd occurrence that seems to happen when
1)you are typing a "new" message, that is the only message since the last dotted divider
2) the message is an action (/me)

This is fairly reproducible, at least in the last few days ;)

As you can see, on an Action, the skin doesn't increase the padding, I guess? sufficiently to make room for a user icon as it does when one types a regular line of text.

Or maybe it's related to the fact that actions occur on the same line, whereas regular text gets pushed to the next line?

Anyways, not a high profile thing, but I thought I'd bring it to the style dev's attention.

(Interestingly, when I asked a friend to try this to see if it affected only myself or both myself and remote users, the behavior was to display the line correctly, initially, but when I would type another line, it then displayed the dotted divider line through my friend's userpic, and remains that way until scrolled out of buffer. I have a screenshot of that as well, if it's necessary :))
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Re: minor bug in minimal mod

Post by mathuaerknedam »

Ah, interesting problem. We want the first message to be tall enough for the whole icon *unless* it's followed by a consecutivized message. I don't think there's a way to do that in CSS, so we're stuck with:

1) a partial, shrunk, or different icon for cases where an action is the first message.

2) a gap between a leading action and a following consecutive message.

3) a gap at the beginning of a leading action (blank the normal sender, and start "sender action" on the second line where the message normally begins.

4) treat consecutive messages that follow any action as non-consecutivized message.

5) Alter Adium so that a consecutive message retroactively give a special class to the first message the series.

I don't know how feasible (5) is, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to code that myself. I'm leaning towards 4 as the best solution. It seems the lest problematic of the bunch.
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Re: minor bug in minimal mod

Post by ed89179 »

Thanks for posting this. I had the same issue and got it fixed finally!
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