Messages never arrive

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Messages never arrive

Post by hivalien »

Dear Adium creators,

this morning I turned on Adium as usually, I went online on my Yahoo Messenger account in Adium and the contant list showed up. I could see my friends online, but when I tried to write a message to one of them, everything seemed fine. Except the message never got to the other person. So I decided to call that person and we basically talked to each other over the phone while trying to send each other messages. It didn't work. My friend even said I wasn't online at all. When I tried to log to my Yahoo Messenger account using Yahoo Messenger, sending and receiving messages was just fine. But this Yahoo Messenger is ridiculously slow and I love the green duck!

Here are some more specifications:
I'm using a MacBook Pro
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v. 10.6.7)
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 4 GB 1067 MhZ DD3 (this is not gonna help you, is it?)

As for Adium it's version 1.4.1., which ought to be the newest version.

If I you need any more information, let me know and I'll try to get it to you ASAP.

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Messages never arrive

Post by AriaPictures »

this is new. and truly disturbing as I was under the impression it was only happening to the MSN accounts...

now that I have told many of my contacts to get a yahoo account because it was flawless, now you are telling me adium is now having issues with that service?

Is Yahoo working on a video chat for their next incarnation of software?

this was and is the issue with the MSN service, they are screwing it up for that as they add video and certain things have changed and constantly change and adium, I am sure, is having problems staying on top of it. not adium's fault but msn, and either side may or may not admit there are changes going on or that something is not right, but I know how the system works... as a company you begin by denying it is your fault and tell the customer to clean cache, reset this, delete all know what they say to do and treat you like a 7 year old who has never run a computer... they are hiding something and we are smarter than that...

we just want it fixed. please
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