Facebook Certificate problems

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Facebook Certificate problems

Post by Fenekk »

I use Facebook Chat through Adium, integrated with Jabber. It generally works just fine, but a little while ago I started noticing that every so often it couldn't verify the certificate of the server. It would give me the popup notice I attached. Though a lot of the time I would just go back to it later and it would connect just fine.

Now I am noticing this happening more and more and I have tried repeatedly for days to connect to the server now, and it it still giving me this message. I always tell it not to accept the connection because I don't really see the point in compromising safety. Why is it doing this now and is it even a problem at all? How do I get it to accept the certificate?
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Re: Facebook Certificate problems

Post by jeannius »

Same issue here....though I am allowing it to log in....I also went in and tried to set all the options as 'always trust' but it still shows me this message every time I Iog in....issue is showing up on both my G5 running Leopard and my G4 laptop running Tiger, so it is not just my machine or just one operative system.
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Re: Facebook Certificate problems

Post by angelricardo »

Is happenig the same to me and I have a PowerBookG4 Running in Leopard! and I authorize and every time y log out and in it repeat!
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Re: Facebook Certificate problems

Post by sebidk »


I've had the same problem for some time now.

Go to the prefs in Adium, Accounts, open your Facebook account and in the pane "Options" uncheck "Do strict certificate checks".

And remember to use a jabber account for Facebook.

/regards, Sebastian
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