Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

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Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Post by Simba Cub »

Microsoft has announced it intends to "retire" its instant message chat tool and replace it with Skype's messaging tool.

The news comes 18 months after the software giant announced it was paying $8.5bn (£5.3bn) for the communications software developer.

Microsoft said Windows Live Messenger (WLM) would be turned off by March 2013 worldwide, with the exception of China.

It reflects the firm's determination to focus its efforts on Skype.

WLM launched in 1999 when it was known as MSN Messenger. Over time, photo delivery, video calls and games were added to the package's text-based messages.

In 2009, the firm said it had 330 million active users.

Drat. I'm hoping this will drive users onto AIM or that Adium adopts the Skype protocol at a base level...

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Re: Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Post by Lars »

I came here looking for an official reaction to this news. Found only this post - I'm kinda worried since I use MSN daily to communicate with colleagues working from home or on the road. I'd rather keep using Adium obviously - even if I might have to jump through some burning loops over at Skype or Microsoft to migrate my account.

Adium devs, what are your thoughts on this coming change?
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Re: Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Post by Robby »

We have yet to discuss the issue in greater detail within the Adium Project so these are mostly my own thoughts based on the information I've gathered:
- it should be possible to use MSN in Adium till around March 2014 (see ... -just-yet/ for more information)
- as of this moment, it is not legally possible for us to integrate Skype support
- historically, Microsoft has not necessarily encouraged third-party clients connecting to MSN but they have been tolerated
- not long ago, Microsoft added an XMPP interface to connect to MSN; it was lacking features and it will be shut down in October but who knows, maybe they'll add one for Skype?

So, as far as I can judge, we'll just have to see what happens.
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Re: Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Post by sebidk »


I've been using both Adium and skype for long time on my Mac, and resonly got an iPhone, where I use the chat client, which DOES integrate both msn AND Skype directly into the client - it might be possible to use the same code for Adium, so that we could use Skype without running Skype, and even more important, I guess, to have more than one Skype-account logged in at the same time - sinece I do know more people having more than one msn-account, which would be lovely to stay connected at at the same time.

Just a suggestion - I hope someone more skilled than me, knows how to do this ,-)

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Re: Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Post by AriaPictures »

Yes I too have been using MSN on Adium with my wife at work and several other for MANY, MANY!!! Many years...

And the news it will be shut down was devastating and confusing.

Not sure why, but i guess they got tired of the service going through them? Skype is a pain and only works on newer machines, Adium and MSN, along woith other clients ran fine on my G4 running 10.5.

Some of us cannot afford a new laptop and a new iMac, so we got the iMac, but when I am mobile, I am NOW, cut off from people.

this is the corporate way to get you to SPEND money every year to update this or that. hell look at adobe every 6 months with a paid upgrade to their CS's.

Any, this is my venting and disgruntledness about ADIUM, SKYPE, MSN, and the fact that it is working, why change it?

Almost a reason now not to use ADIUM. thanks allot MS...
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