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gnosis, you could ask Zac West for admin rights on Adium Xtras: I’d hand you them if I could.

Things might have improved:
2015-02-20T21:04:07 <mathuaerknedam> xnyhps: Is there any way to improve the captcha on AdiumXtras? I'm burninating the same user almost every day.
2015-02-20T21:04:23 <mathuaerknedam> I've deleted the same spammer three times today.
2015-02-20T21:04:56 <mathuaerknedam> it's a little weird they bother to keep using the same username.
2015-02-20T21:08:34 <mathuaerknedam> I checked the xtras on the homepage, and some of those also had spam, but their spammers has only posted one or two comments.
2015-02-20T21:08:45 <mathuaerknedam> I wonder why I get the over achiever.
2015-02-20T21:12:14 <Fishman> you're just lucky.
2015-02-20T21:12:21 <Fishman> ;-)
2015-02-20T21:12:45 <mathuaerknedam> apparently.
2015-02-20T22:20:47 <xnyhps> mathuaerknedam: I could try to update it to the latest Google Recaptcha API, but I'm not sure whether that is actually harder for spambots.
2015-02-20T22:43:38 <xnyhps> Okay, done!
2015-02-20T23:03:18 <mathuaerknedam> xnyhps: thanks, I'll let you know.
2015-02-20T23:03:42 <xnyhps> I've also made sure that burninating a user deletes all reports about their comments.
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