Exporting contacts

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Exporting contacts

Post by ToroToro »

I haven't been using IM for a while and copied my old adium folder from a backup. my hotmail account was closed because of inactivity.
that's fine but I wanted to get my old msn contacts from adium. I can't see them for an account which is offline. Is there any way to export contacts from adium?

If I can't export them, I was thinking to create the same hotmail account and try to connect but I was wondering, would it add all my old contacts from adium to the server or would it delete all the contacts in adium since there are no contacts in my "fresh" hotmail acct?

I had another profile with a different hotmail account which is still active and i connected it. I wasn't thinking when I connected and a bunch of messages came up... I think it was the message asking if I wanted to add the contact to the server? anyway, i forget what I selected but would there have been a situation where adium would have deleted the contact without me deliberately deleting the contact? If not, I assume that if I try to connect that account again, I will get the same messages?

basically, i'm trying to backup all my old contacts and just wondering if I lost data...

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Re: Exporting contacts

Post by Robby »

Adium cannot export contacts. It just updates changes made to the server and retrieves the contact list from the server upon connecting.

Adium shouldn't delete contacts on its own.

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