Adium financing

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Adium financing

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I would suggest Adium follow Growl and put app in Apple Store for a some price. It's cool to have it for free but development should to be support in some way - this will be only for good for all Adium users. We have a client Flamingo in Apple Store which is very limited even in Jabber functionality (no service discovering, let's say) and it costs $10. Why developers of the best apps shouldn't be rewarded for their time and skills?

Yes, i know about donations and it's not a question to me but selling helps to keep project financing on regular level.
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Re: Adium financing

Post by Robby »

Adium's licence, GPL, is not compatible with the App Store.
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Re: Adium financing

Post by Herve5 »

Robby wrote:Adium's licence, GPL, is not compatible with the App Store.
… and it's a good thing.

If there is anything that switches me away from Apple, really that'll be this new imposed store, to which I see so many apps are migrating.

Each time one of my favorite apps migrates it triggers another round of testing Linux alternatives, and I very recently reached the point where it's no longer the apps offer but only the hardware quality that still prevents me to move.

(I'm a photographer: Retina screens have proven just enormously better -for now. I definitely see myself on Linux within some years, basically when time will come to upgrade hardware...)
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