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IRC "Group Chat" Tab Naming

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:44 pm
by Nezteb
I have quite a few accounts/nicks for use with IRC, mostly for botting. The various channels I'm currently in show up as tabs in the bottom of the Adium window, but they only give a channel name, like "#channel". I'd like it to instead be something like "#channel (Nezteb)" where Nezteb is the account/nick that is being used in that tab/channel. I could have 5 different accounts logged onto #channel with no way of telling which tab was which, and even when I click into each separate tab I have to type and enter text before I can figure it out.

I found out that I can use bookmarks to set custom names for the channels, but I'd rather not do that for every single channel I use.


This results in the desired affect: I can easily tell which tab/account/channel is which by looking at the bottom of the window, but I'd rather have that effect enabled by default. Having my currently in-use account/nick in the channel list highlighted (and at the top of the list) would also be nice as an extra reminder.