Can you do notifications for a specific chat room?

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Can you do notifications for a specific chat room?

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We use Adium at work quite a bit for communication. There is one channel my group monitors to coordinate work amongst various teams. My entire group monitors the channel as the work is time sensitive. The number of people using this chat room is well over 50. A person writes into the chat room and a bot on a linux server will modify the text. Example:

Fred: .blah textie
Bot: Fred would like to read his article at

What I would like is that when somebody types into this one particular chat room I have a notification - bounce icon in dock, whatever. It doesn't even need to be tied to one person.

I have tried many items. I can do notifications in Adium for all chat rooms. However, we have many different chat rooms and I don't want notifications for all chat rooms - just the time sensitive chat room.

I have tried per contact notifications on group message sent (and group messages received) for the contact Bot. That doesn't seem to work.

I have looked into scripting so that if the word ".blah" appears in a chatroom to do something but that is causing the linux bot to malfunction. I have tried the script returning exactly what is typed in ".blah" but the linux bot isn't picking that up.

There must be a way to do this simply that I am missing.

Thank you!
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