Unable to change the group of a user

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Unable to change the group of a user

Post by ktate »

I changed jobs and wanted to change the groups that some users belong to since I will be working with them more often now. I right clicked on the user's alias in my contact window and did Get Info. A nice box popped up. The right most tab had characteristics for the user including what groups that user was a member of lower in the box. I clicked on the "+" and added the user to another group and clicked on the "-" and removed the user from the old group. Everything looked fine. I clicked elsewhere on the window and then on the first tab to be sure I "committed" my transaction.

All looked fine. However, when I slept my machine and woke Adium up again, the user (actually it was several of them) for whom I had changed the group had disappeared from my contact list altogether. The users were not in their new target group or in their old group either.

I did repairs again by bringing up the chat transcript viewer and right clicking on the user's name to Get Info again. The user's information was found in my address book information on the host system, but they were not in any group, so were not showing up in my Contacts window. I added them back to the new target group and all looked fine. Just to be sure I also clicked the "keep this user visible" checkbox. All looked fine.

Later, the user(s) disappeared from my Contacts window again. This is using GroupWise chat. I am on Adium 1.5.10 and Mac OS X 10.8.5 on a MacBook Pro.

I just tried to put one of the users back into his original group to see if there was some "recollection" somewhere that he used to be there, and perhaps I could at least still see him in my Contacts list. I haven't slept the system to see if he disappears again yet.

Thanks for any help! I can't list without Adium on my 3 chat connections!
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Re: Unable to change the group of a user

Post by Robby »

Hi ktate,

I’m afraid I don’t know how well GroupWise currently works in Adium. I have no account to test with.

I did check existing reports of issues with GroupWise in Adium (link) and nothing caught my eye as being related.
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