☆ Please read this first 1: Troubleshooting ☆

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☆ Please read this first 1: Troubleshooting ☆

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Welcome to the Adium Forums. Before asking in the forums, please check the Help page on Adium's website. There you will find the following:

- Hot Issues: a list of commonly reported recent and known issues
- A search for the documentation
- Solutions for common issues
- General troubleshooting tips

If that doesn't answer all questions you might have, please read the Forum Rules and How to report a bug before posting.
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When can we expect version X?
This one is a common one, too; devs work with list of features and when they're implemented then there will be a new version.
Progress can be followed in the Trac Roadmap.
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How can I ____________? It seems like a feature that you've neglected to cover...

Have you checked out the Adium Wiki? It offers lots of information that, 95% of the time, will solve your problem or answer your question.
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