Vienna 3 RC 1 Hangs during last 2 feed update

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Vienna 3 RC 1 Hangs during last 2 feed update

Postby maccampus » Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:16 pm

When i start Vienna, it hangs during updating feeds, it updates all feeds yett seems to keep reading the last 2 feeds in the list (spinning circle).
This makes Vienna unresponsive (Dockicon says progam is unresponsive , i only can force quit), so i can't access the menu to stop the update.
Also i had a number of open tabs with feed articles, they haven't showed up yett, normally they appear & load after feed updates.
I fear repeatedle force quitting Vienna might made these pages of feeds which was tabbed in Vienna lost for reading.

I must say, although i have always liked Vienna, This event, the fact that Vienna is unresponsive during feed update and Vienna is overall slow makes me look for trustworthy alternatives to replace Vienna until Vienna grows the get better again like it once was.

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