Download option is buggy

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Download option is buggy

Postby PacoH » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:47 pm

I switched to Vienna from Miro and I like it MUCH better. It has intuitive keyboard shortcuts that Miro completely lacks and it does RSS text, audio, video, and podcasts and videocasts in a much more user friendly GUI. Thanks for making this available for free.

I have had problems with the Download button with videos. With audio content, it works fine. I can click Open when it finishes downloading and it opens in my audio player, MplayerX. But with videos, Open doesn't work. When I go to open the file manually, I find it has no extension so I have to add it to get it to play. When I click the link on the bottom left, 'This article contains an enclosed file', it attempts to open it in my browser and then I get the download dialog in the browser. This is more convenient but still not what's expected. It would be better to have a link that opens the file in the default player automatically.

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