Unable to change default RSS reader

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Unable to change default RSS reader

Post by wncguy »

After using Thunderbird for a bit and having it set itself as the default RSS reader, I started Vienna and tried to set it as default. It seems to complete but when I quit and restart Vienna, Thunderbird is still the default. Is there a secret to getting the default reset?
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Re: Unable to change default RSS reader

Post by barijaona »

Mmmh… Something is broken here, especially since OS X 10.10

For the time being, you can use RCDefaultApp http://www.rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/ . It is a control panel which installs itself in System Preferences.

In the URL tab, assign Vienna to the ‘feed' protocol

Check in the Apps tab that Vienna is registered as default for the ‘feed' protocol

Update : it is better to select Vienna in the Apps tab, enable the ‘feed' protocol (don’t select the ‘http’and ‘https’ protocols) then click the ‘Set As Default’ button.
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