Standard settings and some bugs on first run

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Standard settings and some bugs on first run

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I formatted my iMac recently, so had to set up Vienna again, and made these observations:

• Check for newer versions of Vienna upon start preference is off by default - Why is that?

• Standard location for saved files is set to the Desktop. I believe this should be the Downloads folder instead.

• All the settings for Sync with an Open Reader should be greyed out by default, until you check the check box. Just a minor GUI annoyance.

• You can not have a feed called the same name as its parent folder. Is that on purpose?

• Renaming feeds is a bit strange, as the original text is displayed below the text being edited. See screenshot below:

• You can add text in front of the small cloud icon next to the name of a feed from an Open Reader, which results in the cloud icon become duplicated. I suggest that it is made so you can't edit the icon in any way. See screenshot below:
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