FeedHQ-synced feeds disappear until relaunch

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FeedHQ-synced feeds disappear until relaunch

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i have a large number of feeds synced with FeedHQ, plus a somewhat smaller number that are are not synced; sometime in the last 10 hours or so, the the synced feeds simply vanished from the Vienna interface (Vienna is normally left running, and syncs once per hour); my FeedHQ account is still active, and i could log into FeedHQ with a browser using the same password as Vienna is using; the non-synced feeds were still listed in Vienna and updating normally

after quitting and relaunching Vienna, the FeedHQ feeds re-appeared in the interface; the order of the feeds in the folders had been rearranged, but the feeds appeared to remember the read/unread status of the articles therein

i am using Vienna 3.0.9 (since i am using on OS X 10.7.5 for some specific technical reasons)

(there has always been a separate issue where many/most FeedHQ feeds do not correctly update — the unread article count is updated, but i have to do a Force Refresh to get the new articles to show up)
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