articles duplicated on refresh

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articles duplicated on refresh

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(this is a copy of a bug report I made directly on Github, but as I did not get much feedback, I am adding it there - preferably the way to do?)

I have an issue with only one of my subscribed feeds: on every automatic refresh all subjects are duplicated, resulting after some time with hundreds of articles, while there is currently only 10 articles available when adding the feed in Vienna.

The feed's url is it's a phpBB forum where I have an account but that access is not filled in the feed's authentication info.

Feed validator tells it is a valid Atom 1.0 feed.

There might be an issue with feeds times, but I did not get where. The case is that on immediate refresh there is no problem, but with automatic refresh (or manual refresh at a later time) the articles get duplicated.

Edit: I forgot to mention that my system is 10.11.6 and my current Vienna is Version 3.1.6 RC 2 :dad2429: (but the problem was seen in previous versions).
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