Subscriptions lost after Vienna crashes

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Subscriptions lost after Vienna crashes

Post by CLJohnson41 »

I am running Vienna 3.1.5 (e14f77e) on an iMac with OS X 10.11.6 and the program has crashed my system at least 8 times in the last month or so. Every time it crashes and I re-boot, all of my subscriptions are gone. If I try to import the subscriptions from a file on my disk, Vienna says it successfully restored 27 subscriptions, but there are no subscriptions shown. The only way I can restore the subscriptions is to boot a clone from yesterday. Any suggestions? I really like Vienna and would hate to have to use another RSS reader, but the constant problem with Vienna is driving me crazy.

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Re: Subscriptions lost after Vienna crashes

Post by sandstrom »

1. Just to be clear, is it Vienna crashing? Why did it crashes? It might be useful for the developers of Vienna if you can attach a crashlog.

2. Perhaps the database is in some way corrupted or damaged… Try the following:
* Quit Vienna if it is running
* in the Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support, and move the “Vienna” folder to the desktop or other location
* Launch Vienna. It will start in a default state. Import your subscriptions.
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