Vienna fails to launch (Error: database disk image is malformed)

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Tyrone Bronne
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Vienna fails to launch (Error: database disk image is malformed)

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Version 3.3.0 :7f06bb62: now fails to launch with my default user database.

Trying to analyze this 1.5 GB file with sqlite gives the error:
"Error: database disk image is malformed"

Similar results with other recovery software like SQLiteDoctor.
Also unsuccessful were any attempts at dumping the contents to an SQL file and trying to reconstruct a new file from that.
This is true also for just the feeds. Some may be recovered by hand, but way to many are lost.

1. Is this a noteworthy bug from Vienna? (Or has 10.12 Sierra/HFS+ screwed this up?)
2. Is there a way to recover a) all of the db contents b) at least the subscriptions?
3. Can this sqlite file be made more robust (either from the coders or on the consumer side)?
4. Is there any way to automatically reconstruct the feeds from other support files (folder "Sources" with all its XML data?)
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