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eBay rss feed

Post by bobshuster »

I had been using Vienna primarily for eBay searches, and apparently with the recent eBay update this has stopped working. I searched the forums and found no discussion of this, so here we are!

As an example, here is a subscription term that used to work:

"https://www.ebay.com/sch/rss/i.html?_nk ... =1&_sop=10"

This is a simple search which shows all items with the terms "akai evi" in the title sorted by "Newly listed".

eBay removed the RSS button some time ago, but feeds were still working if configured as I did above. Apparently the June 2018 eBay update changed this. Had anyone found a way around this and gotten it to work in Vienna? Is there an issue with my syntax?
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Re: eBay rss feed

Post by SayWhatTheHeck »

Giving this topic a ‘bump’ to see if anyone has any answers…

My Vienna eBay searches were working fine up until about a month ago. They ‘appear’ to have changed (is that possible?) when I updated Vienna (3.5.4) and now the searches return all sorts of items unrelated to the original search term. As an example: a search for certain book titles now also returns car parts and other totally unrelated items!

I usually receive around 500-1000 hits on my searches each day, but now they are returning up to ~7,000!

Any ideas?
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Re: eBay rss feed

Post by josh64x2 »

Hmm this should work. I know the feed isn't technically a valid RSS feed but it's only a minor error - could you please raise a bug over at the GitHub project?
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