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List of unread articles refreshes after slow sites finish or timeout

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:11 am
by tut
I have a few feeds that are either slow to respond or end up timing out. If I start space-barring through my unread articles (my default filter is all unread articles), so some unread articles get marked as read, then those slow feeds finally finish, the list of unread articles gets refreshed, which leaves only the unread articles, meaning I can't go back up through the now-read articles. This is annoying, especially when it happens just when I realize "hey, what did that last article say? I'll go back and check." And if I don't happen to know which site the article was from, finding it again is much harder.

Can you change it so when a feed finishes, it only adds unread articles but doesn't clean read articles out of the current list? Might not be a thing that would be easy, since I'm looking at filtered results, so any update to the full list would cause the filter to re-filter the full list, right?