Loading issues with embedded social media

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Loading issues with embedded social media

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Love Vienna, but there’s an annoying bug I’ve noticed.

If a blog post has embedded twitter or instagram messages and the layout is in the unified layout, there’s all kinds of image loading issues when scrolling downward through posts. The images expand and collapse in rapid succession and will sometimes load while at other times not load at all. It’s very hard to explain but it creates a lot of flashing on the screen. Sometimes if you give it a minute to load everything you can scroll through the post, but if you’re faced with several posts in a row with embeds heavily used, it really just becomes unreadable & un-scrollable.

This only happens in the unified layout–the horizontal and vertical layout seem to load everything fairly calmly with no jumpiness. This also only happens when the “Enable JavaScript in the internal browser” is checked in preferences. When that is unchecked, the javascript just doesn’t load the images of those embedded posts.

I’ve seen this on various sites, but there’s really just one that I follow that gets to the point of un-readability: https://www.superpunch.net You might want to try to see this bug by loading that specific site.

Running: macOS 10.12.6 & Vienna 3.5.0

Thanks for listening. :smile:
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