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Using Tags on Posts

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:42 am
by alto
First I want to thank all the people involved in creating this beautiful project

I use Vienna for couple of months now and enjoy it.
There are the smart folder that make a great tool for searching and organising.
My question is simple,
Is there a tool for Tagging certain posts?
There is the the flag option, but is there there a way to use different flags?
Or add a "Flag comment" to say...?

I used a different tool on MS system, Omea by JetBrains.
It wasn't as nice or powerful as Vienna,
but there I learned about the option "To scribble" my notes to an RSS post.

It might be nitpicking,
just wondered if there is an option like this.
Any answer will suffice.

Yet again, thank you for an excellent RSS aggregator.