Suggestion: per-subscription sorting behavior

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Suggestion: per-subscription sorting behavior

Postby hbowman » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:57 am

Most of my subscriptions are news sites, which I leave listed in date-sorted format. But a few subscriptions are particularly active support forums, which are impossible to follow intelligently unless sorted by thread subject.

In Apple Mail, the sorting behavior is associated with the individual mailbox and retained across accesses, which provides precisely this control. In Vienna, the sorting behavior appears to be associated with the window instead of the subscription, which means it has to be changed manually every time I get in or out of a given forum. A little annoyance, but an annoyance.

Apple Mail also has a "conversation view" which would serve much the same purpose, but Vienna doesn't seem to offer that either. But it, too, would need to be associated with an individual subscription.

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