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The best way to subscribe to blogs and websites?

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:31 am
by unklee
I realise I know so little about feeds. I have been happily using Vienna to get feeds from about 30 sites for quite a few years now, without really understanding it very well.

But I have discovered that I am no longer receiving updates from several of these sites. Yet they are still being updated.

My limited understanding is that Vienna is a RSS feed reader, and so it works if a site is set up for RSS feeds, but not if it isn't. I also think that platforms like Wordpress provide RSS feeds automatically.

Is all this correct? If so, how can I tell if the sites I am following have, or no longer have, an RSS feed?

I used to just set the URL of the site and Vienna did the rest. Is there now something different I should do?

Thanks for any help.