automatically download linked files?

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automatically download linked files?

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Hi everbody,

I just discovered "Vienna" and after having tried and used a lot of RSS readers, I'll probably stay with this one – great work, thanks so much for that!

I have one question, though, hoping that maybe somebody knows a way how I could achieve that. What I'd like to do is to have the linked file within a RSS feed post automatically downloaded to my download folder.

Take this WFMU radio show archive feed for example:

If you right-click on "Listen to MP3 audio archive" and chose "Download linked file" (or whatever it is called in English), it will download a M3U file to your download folder. I'd like to create a workflow which does this automatically for my WFMU archives feeds every time there is a new RSS post. (The rest from there – fetching the "real" MP3 with the M3U – is already automated by me with a watched folder and an Apple Script / Terminal)

Note that this is NOT an attached file (like .torrent or similar), but only a linked file which probably makes it more tricky.

I'm afraid such an automatic download feature isn't planned for Vienna – however: Does anybody more Apple-Script-/Programming savy has an idea how I could get this workflow fully automated? If yes, I would be glad for any hint.

Thanks so much in advance for your help and again for Vienna – it really is a great RSS reader!
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