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On 3.5.8

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 1:04 pm
by DutchPeter
These are preliminary findings.

A few days ago Vienna alerted me to a new version, 3.5.8, that promised (again, I might add) to have fixed a perplexing issue I've reported with 2 previous releases. I'm talking about the incorrect (and always changing) status messages I've noticed in the bottom on the Vienna window.
My reports on the matter are on record elsewhere.

I've now seen that when the update cycle has finished that status bar message correctly states 'Refresh completed'.
From what I've observed during a Vienna update cycle is that, as soon as the cycle starts, the status bar message rapidly counts down to (1).
This happens completely out of synch with the actual retrieval process that I'm able to monitor in the subscription listing at the left-hand side via the 'in process' spinners. To clarify: the status bar message count shows shows (1), while the actual number of messages to be retrieved still numbers in the dozens. Only when all subscriptions have been accessed and the available messages have been retrieved that staus bar count updates from (1) to 'Refresh completed'.

Well, you could say an issue has been fixed: when all messages have been retrieved the status bar reports (correctly) 'Refresh completed'.
So I'll not longer complain but I feel it's a hack, not a proper fix.
Remember, quite a few releases ago this worked properly. The retrieval process seen in the subscription listing was in perfect sync with the download counter seen in the status bar. Should I have interrupted the retrieval cycle at any point and taken the trouble to count the number of feeds still to be accessed, that number would correspond with the one shown in the status bar download counter.

Still: this box has been ticked, AFAIC. The fact that the macOS Notification updates extremely prematurely, showing a wholly fictitious and incorrect 'New articles received' number doesn't bother me much. A minor idiosyncrasy that I can live with.

Finally: 3.5.8 is still as slow as 3.5.7. This morning I timed a fresh start again: from 313 subscriptions, 309 new articles were retrieved in 4 mins 33 secs. macOS Notifications reported 112 new articles well before the run had finished. No surprises there.

I know Vienna has done much, much better with earlier versions. I don't know why it's no longer nimble. It works, that's all I can say.
But I feel there's work to be done.

Thank you for your continuing efforts and time.

edit: incorrect statement removed

Re: On 3.5.8

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:38 am
by DutchPeter
Just out of curiosity, I've decided to compare Vienna's retrieval speed with Mac-only (commercial) News Explorer:

First run of the day: 254 articles retrieved in 33 seconds, Yes, you read that right: thirty-three secs.
And macOS Notifications works perfectly.