Cannot manually sort subscriptions

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Cannot manually sort subscriptions

Post by harryevans »

I have been running Vienna version 3.5.9 for a few days. I have a number of subscriptions, organized into about 10 different "Group Folder"s. The subscriptions in these group folders are ordered manually. Today, I started up Vienna, and all the subscriptions in each group folder, and the group folders themselves are all sorted alphabetically. I have been using Vienna for at least 8 years, and have never seen it re-sort my subscriptions before.

The setting "View->Order By->Name" is checked. When I choose a Group Folder (or select all group folders) and choose "View->Order By->Manual", there is a brief pause (which I assume is the setting being changed), but I cannot reorder subscription in the group folder (drag and dropping to a different position doesn't change anything), and with the group folder selected continues to show "View->Order By->Name" to be checked.

I have enough subscriptions that ordering them alphabetically severely impairs how I use the app. I assume there is a plist property I could change manually, but I have not been able to determine what it is.

I apologize if I am missing something obvious. I tried downloading the 3.6.0 beta, and it has the same issue.

I am running on 10.13.6
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Re: Cannot manually sort subscriptions

Post by barijaona »

May be your preferences file is damaged ? The fact that the menu continues to show "View->Order By->Name" checked is not a good sign.
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