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New Preferences

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1- A new preference to not show the pop-up every time. It would be nice to just select "empty trash" and know that it is done
2 - A new preference to use a web-browser that is not the system browser. For Vienna I prefer to have it open links into Firefox while my default browser is set to Safari. So when I do my morning reading from Vienna I must switch my browser in the System Preferences:General tab, and then switch back.
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Re: New Preferences

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In the default 3-pane view mark the article of interest (blue-mark).
In the bottom pane, where the article show up for reading, grab the title and drag it to your preferred alternate browser.

Example (OSX High Sierra): Browsing Ars Technica (RSS column).
Single-click article in top-right pane to activate. Now shows text and graphics in bottom-right pane.
Drop down to the title of the article, drag it to Goog.Chrome as alternate browser.
My settings: Double-click = open in Vienna. Right-click or alt/option-click (3rd-pane title) = open in set default.
Or drag third-pane title to one of 3 browsers in my task/apps bar on the bottom.
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