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Disappearing News and wrong counts

Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2021 10:51 am
by sprint

I'm using the Vienna version 3.7.2 :b9e97565: (7555)

Since several month, I have these recurring problems, that probably belong together, because the all appear and disappear at the same time:
  • the counter for new news in grouped feeds are not correct
  • the counter is not updated when a news is read
  • not all news are listed always. Sometimes I have to go to a different feed / group and back back to see the rest of the news. I.e. I have three feeds in a group, one with 3 news and one with 2 news. Then sometimes the 3 news from feed A are listed, then i change to a different group and back and then the 2 news from feed B are listed and then suddenly all are listed again.
  • sometimes also old news disappear for a while and reappear later
I had these problems on my old Intel Macbook with Big Sur and also on my new M1 Book with Monterey. The additional problem is, that these problems are not always. They appear suddenly, stay for a several days, disappear again and come back a few weeks later.