[feature suggestion] Shortcuts consistent with the usual Mac keys

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[feature suggestion] Shortcuts consistent with the usual Mac keys

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It would be nice to have the same shortcuts in the browser, as in other Mac applications, for example:

• cmd-f to search in the currently displayed page, like in the common browsers and office programs. If seems to be very useful to have a second search field in the toolbar. (Thunderbird has this feature, except that the second field lives in second toolbar, and it's a boon!) Two search fields in the same toolbar should not be a problem. The gray hint text that is displayed when the field is not used should be sufficient to avoid confusion; if considered really necessary they could have a small icon, too.

• cmd-r to reload the currently displayed page only, like browsers usual do.
The help text says Vienna does so, but in version 3.8.3 :b4896048: (7857) it refreshes all subscriptions.

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