DTS sound, .TS files and choppy .mkv playback?

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DTS sound, .TS files and choppy .mkv playback?

Postby gangst » Sat May 26, 2007 3:18 am


I've got some .mkv files which are H264 with DTS sound encoded. Will there be future support in Perian to playback DTS soundtracks or are there other Quicktime codecs which can do the job?

Secondly, will Perian support .ts files I tried a few and none worked both standard resolution MPEG2 .ts and H264 HD .ts and neither worked, will support for this be coming soon?

Finally, I was a bit confused with this. I played back one .mkv file which had a video data rate of 10.7Mbps and it played really smoothly (except for no sound as it has DTS soundtrack), and I played back another .mkv with a video data rate of 7.6Mbps and it was choppy (however, this video had a sountrack in the form of 448kbps AAC).

System - Quad 2.5GHz PowerMac G5 4GB RAM

Thanks for any help!

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