Passing through with Perian?

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Passing through with Perian?

Postby McDave » Tue May 29, 2007 4:55 am


Perian works very well for me (thanks) but I'm trying to preserve quality/speed up 'encoding' and wondered why no pass through option when exporting to .MP4?

I thought DivX/XviD was MPEG4 ASP compliant so could it be made to 'pass through'?? Is this normal or could this be my setup?

If we could pass through it would be fantastic for us iPod & AppleTV owners

Cheers McD

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Postby gbooker » Tue May 29, 2007 6:38 am

There are several problems with passthrough. The most notable is the fact that a vast majority of divx/xvid is in avi files. AVI cannot handle B frames in any sensible manner, making any kind of passthrough a nightmare. Playback alone is difficult enough in this situation.

As far as the iPod goes, you should be aware that even if the stream is MPEG4 compliant, it is extremely unlikely to be playable on the iPod. The iPod can only play video with B frames in rare circumstances, and such circumstances are extremely unlikely unless you explicitly encode for it. Transcoding is the best option here.

As for the AppleTV, my best recommendation is to install Perian on it, and use something like ATVFiles to play them. I have a friend who mounts his computer's hard drive on his AppleTV and finds using files far more convenient than trying to mess with the iTunes library (and this is assuming he could put his videos in the library and it would sync them, which it doesn't). It is quickly reaching the point where the third party software and hacks for the AppleTV are more useful than Apple's own intended uses.

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Pass through

Postby McDave » Tue May 29, 2007 3:04 pm

Sounds like I'm going to have no luck then.

On the AppleTV, I'm afraid I'm just a consumer so, for me, the beauty of the box is in it's simplicity. If I were more technically inclined I might have fun with the hacks but I don't see them adding any real value (YouTube!) as opening the formats doesn't guarantee playback of the profiles. It's probably blasphemy on this site but I hope Apple preserve AppleTV as the consumer item it's meant to be. They should focus efforts on easy/quick content acquisition & translation to industry standard formats as it's iTunes & iTS which let it down, though they are hamstrung by ethics.

I guess I'll keep searching but cheers anyway.


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