An iPhone client for Growl available on the App Store.
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• iPad support (universal!)
• Offline access to notifications
• Cleaner, smaller and more refined notification list
• Internal browser for opening links

• Added "Do Not Disturb" preference: forces on quiet hours while enabled.
• Added option "Redirects Use Safari" to control internal browser.
• Added "collapse notifications" option; tap to expand notifications in the list.
• Added "logout" to settings, and removed Prowl from main Settings application.
• Added 'About' page. Includes a quick 'email' shortcut to include debug information.
• Moved settings to the toolbar.

• Moved 'Clear All' out of the Edit screen and into navigation bar.
• Added prowl: URL scheme if for some reason you want to launch Prowl.

• Fixed quiet time setting the wrong time zone, thus being an hour off.
• Fixed not leaving edit mode when removing the last entry.
• Fixed some settings pages lacking titles.
• Fixed cropping of Prowl app icon.
• Fixed marking notifications as "new" even after backgrounding.
• Fixed some description text sizing problems.

New UI
• Brand new icon, and an updated UI with retina support.
• Updated notifications list, with new graphics and better display of text.
• Customize the font size, and font family, of the notifications in the list.
• Landscape support throughout the application.
• Copy, email, or SMS a notification (depending on iOS version and device type) by long-pressing it.
• Slim new edit view, so you can dispose of irritating notifications faster.

• Add a custom URL to a redirect, extending notifications to anywhere you want to go.
• New API parameter "url" which will automatically redirect when launching the push notification.
• Launch a redirect directly from the notification list.
• Event-based filtering: limit your redirects to exactly what you want (e.g., "Prey Fetcher" application and "Direct Message" event)
• Updated the built-in redirect list with the latest from the Prowl server, but you can always get updates from inside the application.

• Multitasking and backgrounding support. This includes downloading notifications after taking a redirect, removing the badge icon, if multitasking is available on your device.
• New option (return of an old option) to display the time in absolute form, not relative form.
• Create API email addresses and API keys on the Prowl website, as many as you need.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed not being able to tap part of 'cancel' when doing 'clear all'.
• Fixed interrupting music playback while Prowl is running and a notification comes in.
• Fixed a crash when changing quiet hours settings, introduced in a recent iOS release.
• Fixed a few memory leaks.

Fixed crash when changing preferences.

Sound Effects
• Four brilliant new sounds, including a long and loud alert sound.
• New "Vibrate Only" or "None" sound choices.
• Set a different sound for different notification priority levels. (Install the latest version of the Growl plugin for this to work)

• Launch a different application right after Prowl launches for push notifications, based on rules you define.
• Add a rule that matches the application name on your Mac or Windows computer
• For example, your Twitter application's notifications can redirect to a Twitter application on your device.

Quiet Hours
• Stop alerts from arriving during quiet hours which you set.
• Emergencies can still come through if you want.
• During quiet hours, only the badge count is updated.

• Faster initial loading of notifications.
• Notifications are now always expanded in the list.
• Fix various UI bugs that occurred while editing.
• Fix the sound playing the wrong sound while open.
• Fix scrolling speed to be a bit faster.

2009-07-03—1.0. Initial release.