iPhone loses Prowl push notifications after lock?

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iPhone loses Prowl push notifications after lock?

Post by simonmd »

Hi all, does anybody have the same problem? As long as the iPhone is on, notifications arrive just fine, but after the phone goes into automatic lock, no push notifications get through. If I load the app the notifications show up.

I tried changing the DNS to OpenDNS (a tip found in a previous post) but this does not solve the issue. The only way to get the notifications back is to reset the network, either by going in and out of airplane mode or turning the phone on and off.

I suspect that It may not be a pure Prowl issue but rather a network connectivity issue but I was wondering if this is a common problem and perhaps someone has found a solution.

FYI, I'm located in Colombia, South America with COMCEL as a carrier, using Snow Leopard on a MBP and iPhone OS 3.1 (7C144).

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Re: iPhone loses Prowl push notifications after lock?

Post by iaian7 »

I've had similar issues with my phone (iPhone 3G running OS 3.1), though it almost seems at times to depend on how the Prowl notification is first initiated - via the regular Growl plugin, things appear more reliable, while using prowl.pl or the web interface the alerts do not always pop up. As soon as I open up the Prowl app, however, they all load with the times that they were originally sent. I can only assume this is my mind playing tricks on me, would like some insight myself! Restarting the iPhone seemed to help.
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