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Feature Request/Idea: OAuth

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:48 am
by tofumatt
Although getting the hang of the OAuth authentication steps is a bit more cumbersome than simply asking your users to paste an API key into a text field, the end-user experience is pretty awesome, and I think it instils trust in your users more than asking for they password/api key. Personally, I won't use any web service that asks for my Twitter username/password, but I'm more than happy to sign in with OAuth. I understand that the demand for this sort of feature might be a bit low, as Prowl's audience is probably skewed towards those who are at least little nerdy, but it'd be really cool to see an OAuth authentication scheme for web services (like GVMax or Prey Fetcher) and even other apps to use, to save users having to not only fetch from the site, but also entrust a third-party service with, their Prowl API key.

If this is a feature you'd be interested in adding Zac, I'd be happy to even talk about lending a hand on it (for free, of course). Just a thought :-)