Real-time Twitter DM push

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Real-time Twitter DM push

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Hi All,

If you're like me and don't have unlimited text SMS on your phone plan, you may have disabled Twitter DMs as text messages. I've been using Prowl to send DMs to my iphone as push notifications for a while now. In a fit of insomnia I decided to make this system more generally available for people that want to use it.

This is not a polling system; this uses the DM emails as the trigger to send the notification as soon as it happens.

Check it out here for the instructions: (completely free, and planning to remain that way)

I also get real-time mentions (or any other searchable item from Twitter) pushed through Prowl using a service I wrote called TweeHook - - I have a webhook setup to search for my username (and some other things) that get redirected to the Prowl API. Just an FYI, for anyone who may be interested. This one is a paid service, however, but thought I'd mention it.
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