Redirect.. not working with GV Mobile / gvmobile

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Redirect.. not working with GV Mobile / gvmobile

Postby netnut404 » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:13 am

okk.. looks like redirect to gvmobile fails... any idea why? .. but redirect to "messages" launched the useless built in text app so at least something works.. ....


netnut404 wrote:ok.. so I have been trying for a while.. but I cant ever get messages to prowl to launch something else..
I have tried redirecting to all sorts.. what I want is to make GVMoblle come up so I can reply to sms's etc bu despite the prowl messages that are sent comming in with the subject SMS and the app has a redirect setup that says SMS goes to GBMobile sms, but I cant get prowl on the iphone to actually launch it.. what am I doing wrong here? it's driving me nuts..

I am using a simple ( curl -k -d apikey=$APIKEY -d application="SMS" -d description="message to send" ) to send the alert to the phone .. which works fine.. but I cant get redirect.. do I click someplace special to redirect?? it seems all it does is change the selected message.. :'(

Please point me in the right direction
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