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Redirect.. not working with GV Mobile / gvmobile

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:13 am
by netnut404
okk.. looks like redirect to gvmobile fails... any idea why? .. but redirect to "messages" launched the useless built in text app so at least something works.. ....


netnut404 wrote:ok.. so I have been trying for a while.. but I cant ever get messages to prowl to launch something else..
I have tried redirecting to all sorts.. what I want is to make GVMoblle come up so I can reply to sms's etc bu despite the prowl messages that are sent comming in with the subject SMS and the app has a redirect setup that says SMS goes to GBMobile sms, but I cant get prowl on the iphone to actually launch it.. what am I doing wrong here? it's driving me nuts..

I am using a simple ( curl -k -d apikey=$APIKEY -d application="SMS" -d description="message to send" ) to send the alert to the phone .. which works fine.. but I cant get redirect.. do I click someplace special to redirect?? it seems all it does is change the selected message.. :'(

Please point me in the right direction